Pista V2

Classic Gaming with Racing chair inspired design

Gaming chair with improved ergonomic design, including soft padded headrest and lower back pillows. The Pista chair is inspired from racing chairs with ergonomically designed side edges for supporting your lower back region and shoulders, for better support we've included two pillows allowing you to find your ideal position. Pista chairs are built to last a looong time with a solid metal skeleton, durable faux leather with 1mm thickness, double inner stitching, market leading class 4 gas lifts and black metal base with 60mm wide wheels. Pista has 3 dimensional armrests, is tiltable with 30 degrees and the backrest can be angled 90 degrees, so you definitely find your own seat position for many hours of gaming or even a fast nap between gaming sessions! Height adjustable with 10 cm high gas cartridge (larger gas cartridges are available). Pista is recommended for people up to 190 cm high and max 150 kg is supported.


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 Recommended Size 

Height of user  Up to 190 cm
Weight Supported  Max 150 kg


Armrest  3 dimensional armrests
Back Support  Pillow to support lower back and pillow to support neck
Multi-tilt Mechanism  Tilt Lock & Tilt Angle Lock
Backrest Angle  12 degrees tilt & 90 degrees lock

 General Info

Assembly Required  Yes
Package Size   Height (0,35m) x Width (0,72m) x Depth (0,88m) 
Weight (Prox.)  27 kg